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ProClean's EcoWash System - Unlike Any Other (Patent Pending)

Bleach-Free Roof Cleaning in Venice

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No Chlorine

The non-toxic formula is safe for all surfaces, people, pets, and plants!

Prevention is Easier!

Your exterior surfaces will be protected for a year.

No More Traditional Washing

After we show up once, you only need ot see us every 12 months.
Planet Safe

We Use Less

10 gals less product for 2,000 square foot of surface area.

What Roof Cleaning Qualifies for EcoWash?

Prevention is the best way to kill mold overtime, and that's what EcoWash does!

Inspection of your roof...

We might have to apply a one-time chlorine based cleaning to ensure immediate efficacy. However, the good news is, our goal is to avoid chlorine based products from that point forward, because of the negative side effects.

Organic growth already present on the roof means you'll likely need the traditional roof pressure washing before we can complete the safer, environmentally-friendly pressure washing technique.

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The EcoWash Process

You won't find this safe alternative to power washing anywhere else.
Step 1.

Easy Application

Mold starts to absorb the EcoWash solution on contact.
Step 2.


EcoWash's biostatic technology destroys mold over time.
Step 3.

Routine Maintenance

Once a year we will re-apply the solution. That's it!

Redefining Exterior Pressure Washing Services in Venice

Our patent pending solution utilizing biostatic cleaning changes the behavior of mold and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.

Is ProClean EcoWash the Answer?

Are you tired of waiting until your home is covered in organic matter and then you have to resort to harmful chemicals to clean it? It makes you cringe thinking about what you're doing to your family, your surfaces, and the planet. Now you don't have to face that ever again. 

ProClean EcoWash is the first product available to deliver cleaning without the risks related to bleach cleanings. It eliminates mold, mildew, algae with it's time-release action and acts as a preventative. Once it's on, you won't see problems with organic matter again!
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This bleach alternative for pressure washing is safe for:
All of your exterior surfaces - no worries about runoff.
Trees, plants, grass, flowers
Your family and your pets!
It's 100% safe for everything...there's no risk!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
ProClean did an outstanding power washing service at our home. The results were unbelievable! They went above and beyond what was required and we highly recommend them!
Jamie S.
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Have questions? We have answers.

How long does EcoWash take to work?

EcoWash is a biostatic formula, which stops the multiplication of an organism. How long it takes will depend on your roof's condition Request a quote, and we'll assess your residential or commercial building and give you a free estimate!

How does EcoWash by ProClean produce results?

Mold and other organic materials eat the product believing it's sugar. Then, the mold is unable to multiply so it dies off naturally, and won't grow on that surface for up to a year!

What are the advantages of EcoWash?

It's safer for surfaces, kids, pets, and you! In addition, it lasts a lot longer. You will never need routine power washing in Venice again. Instead, we will only have to come back once a year to reapply these eco friendly pressure washing chemicals for continued prevention.

Try ProClean EcoWash Now. Nothing Compares!

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